Overview: Al-Amin Foundation Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small area in the global village with huge population. About 65% people live below the poverty line facing numerous problems that are inter-locking. The position of woman, children and adolescent is more distressed and vulnerable in the poverty stricken families. Numerous development plans and efforts made by the government and NGOs but that are not enough to alleviate poverty and eradicate extreme poverty. The rights of the people especially woman, children and adolescent are being constantly violated. Considering the above warming situation some tenacious people thought that something should be done against the all odds. Concerned social workers and teachers were planning organization strategies for survival of the disadvantaged and risk groups of people and BIYDC is the neat result of such efforts. BIYDC is distinct with its own approach and priorities in the crowed of voluntary organizations of Bangladesh.

Set up in 1996 BIYDC is a non-government, non-political, non-profit and independent development organization based in Chapai Nawabgonj district.

Legal status:  Local NGO, Directorate of Social Welfare Registration No 145/98, Date 08.06.98 & NGO Affairs Bureau Registration No 1947, Date : 21.07.2004

Vision: BIYDC envisages a society in Bangladesh which is economically productive and viable, socially just and equitable, environmentally sound and culturally sensitive.

Mission: Promote Participatory Self-Salience and sustainable development of the poor and extreme poor including disabled and help them to release their potentialities through involving them directly with the integrative initiatives of development.

Structure: The Organization is governed by three types of body 1.General body 2.Executive body 3.Advisory body

General body: It consists of 27 members which is the supreme authority, formulates and approves rules, plans annual activities and annual budget. The general body also elects an executive body.

Executive body: It consists of 7 members. This body is formed for two years. It performs all the tasks according to the articles of constitution. It governs the policy matters and overall management issues. The structure of executive body as follows

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